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The Name

Treefoot Trinkets is the one woman enterprise specializing in jewelry, altered photography, portraits, collages, and wall hangings.

The Woman

My youth was divided between being self proclaimed science nerd and being an angsty art geek. I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Microbiology at Ohio University and now I live in Kent, OH. I am currently working towards my Master’s of Arts in Teaching Integrated Sciences Grades 7-12. As you can see, that is quite a mouthful, and requires several pauses and deep breaths to recite. This is why when people ask, I simply reply “I want to be a science teacher.”

The Myth

Much of what I create is a result of low level hoarding throughout my years. I collect random bits and pieces of photos, books, and random ephemera that will eventually congeal into a semi-coherent piece of art. I have found that any elaborate plans I make for a work does not turn out nearly as well as when I just let go and have fun. I create my earrings in the same way, covering my table with beads and findings and eke out something fancy.

The Legend

I love to capture the random, the accidental, the coincidental moments in life. I want my photography to make people say, “hey, I almost didn’t notice that.” I have a soft spot for the rusty, the dilapidated and the forgotten. Also, I have a wild tendency to hold my camera up to the car window and snap away. Drive by photography leads to some wonderful surprises.

Please, peruse my site and I hope you enjoy what I do. Feel free to contact me at


2 responses

  1. Linda

    Hey Nat! I posted your website on my facebook! How very cool! I am now going to BROWSE your site for stuff! Love, A. Linda

    May 24, 2011 at 2:47 pm

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